“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” – Unfold your own Myth, The Essential Rumi, C.B.

Unfold your own myth? Do you mean to find monumental greatness within myself instead of looking to others?

We hear this all the time, but our brain rarely registers it because our generation was born with a double-sided knife in our back. Before you scoff at my literary melodrama, let me explain. We are taught to find purpose in ourselves, but at the same time we are reminded of how unimportant we are. We should chase our dreams, but please be realistic. Love our bodies, but god forbid we don’t look like you think we should. I am a little spec on the windshield of life, and you definitely won’t see me from out of space, so how am I to accept that I matter in the wide scheme of things? I question that daily, and I can make an educated guess that you do also.

Unfold my own myth? I’m a twenty year old graduate from Acting College with thighs that can crush my enemies. I’m too bold for most tastes, and a little (majorly) socially awkward, but I’m pursuing a life in the entertainment industry. To a few I am a success, and others I’m a failure. I should be pursuing a ‘real job’, a standard Dolly Parton nine-five, an asshole boss I hate, and crappy pay. Sorry, but I’ll pass, *insert older family member here*.

I firmly believe that each and every one of you have monumental greatness inside of you. If you doubt that for yourself, it’s because your greatness is being clouded by the greatness of others and you are letting that happen. Don’t be satisfied with this. This page is a manifestation of this for me. A manifestation of walking those few extra miles, saying a few extra kind words to yourself and others, and empowerment. There is light at the end of the tunnel, scratch that…your life doesn’t have to be a narrow tunnel, your life can be the light if you let it.


morning glory



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