“You’re looking at it from the wrong angle. You’re only focusing on what they’re good at, not you.”

In the entertainment industry; whether you’re in it, entering it, or dreaming it…               the one thing that can destroy you as a human being and an artist is comparing yourself to others. If you waste your precious time comparing yourself to others, you’ll never fully grow into yourself and achieve your dreams because you’re living your life through everyone else.

I have just finished my final semester at acting college, so I figured I’d take the time to reflect on my time at college as a whole. That’s when I knew I needed to write this damn article. I started college practically straight out of high school, I was eighteen years old and living in dreamland. I had my eyes on the prize and nothing was going to stop m-

I stopped me. Here I was in a room full of individuals with similar dreams and aspirations as me and I felt like I didn’t belong there at all. Dreamland closed for business, and my reality kicked in. Here I was in a room full of individuals with similar dreams and aspirations as me and I was…well, me. I was the largest girl in my class, the youngest in my class, and suddenly I knew that college wouldn’t be what I hoped it would be. Personally, I have felt socially inadequate my whole life, and the inadequacy was bred from my deep self doubt and the fact that I was always seeing myself in a scale to everyone else. Everyone being at one end, and me at the other.

I stopped me. It took me almost a year to realise that I was running in the same poisonous circle. I wasted half of my diploma in acting by feeling like I had to keep up to the speed of my peers, or get a head if I could. I was making myself sick with the work, running on caffeine and low self esteem. This wasn’t the college experience I hoped for.

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Then I had an epiphany that led me to where I am at this current moment. I let my doubt in myself rule me. The funny thing with doubt, is that it is unavoidable but it can make you undefeatable if you use it to your advantage. Dreamland opened up again, but this time instead of clinging to it to get me through, I’m standing on my own two feet to keep it running.

In this industry, people will always be something you’re not. But that is what makes you… well, you. They will never be what you are either, and isn’t that just magical? Just remember your worth, and put all your energy to what you do best – making art.




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